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Laptop Decoder BibTag
The BibTag is a timing tag (chip) based on the RFID technology that uses the UHF band. It sends a combined code consisting of a group identifier (which you can specify) and the number printed on the back of the corridor.

The BibTags are adhesive and can be applied easily in the back of the dorsal. A separator is placed between the foam and the dorsal BibTag to ensure that the tag is read in all conditions.

Runners only have to wear the shirt as they are used to doing it regularly. They do not need any instructions to register the tag (chip). The BibTags are disposable and will not be collected after the race. In other words, minimal manipulation of tags before and after the race makes it easier for participants.

The modular carpet to detect BibTags is the most flexible and simple for all timing solutions based on UHF technology. The modularity allows timing lines with widths up to 16 meters without interruption. All you need to do is put the carpets on the floor and connect the Notebook decoder.

This is all! After the race, you just have to pick up the carpets.

It's as simple as that. UHF antennas contain carpets of the highest quality, which have been optimized for screening high-density situations that occur in larger races. They also have a non-slip surface making them safe in all weather conditions.


  • Timing Tag on the number
  • Minimum handling before the race
  • No manipulation after the race
  • No instructions for participants
  • Chest timing tag according to IAAF regulations