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Soydoy was created in Bogota in January 2008 as a private initiative of three Colombian entrepreneurs interested in contributing to the solution of one of the biggest problems of our region: malnutrition.

In Colombia 13.2% of children have chronic malnutrition, 42.7% of unhygienic food in households, 50% of pregnancies are unwanted, 35% of children are underweight at birth and 25% of children under 5 suffer from anemia.

In Soydoy we decided to work and solve this problem in a sustainable way, looking for impact in two areas:

1) Income generation
2) Reduction of malnutrition and risk of suffering.

During the operating time in Soydoy, we have made a significant impact in more than 37 communities through sustainable nutrition programs, reaching 12,050 beneficiaries daily. We managed to cover 12 departments of Colombia.


From the beginning, our social enterprise, has sought to empower vulnerable communities so each one of them can manage its own development.

We have done our job based on Nutri-enterprises as a basis for income generation and sustainability of social function. We deliver to communities simple technical tools, training and support.

The impact on the nutrition of children, youth, pregnant women, infants and elders, it has been developed by training the leaders of each program on the importance of healthy eating, the use of indigenous foods of each region and the value of nutrition in the development of a human being.